Surviving Hell Week

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I’m still alive, so that’s one good thing.

The other is that I survived hell week and it wasn’t that bad. Didn’t really work past 4 am so I consider that a good one (as in no all-nighters). I’ve had much worse which could be good material for a later post. Ahh, the war stories we animation types love to tell…

Since I didn’t write in the Production Journal as much as I would have liked for this first show, I’ll be giving a wrap up in the next post. I’ve been in recovery (mostly mental) for the past two days. Sometimes you just gotta rest. Then gear up to do it all over again. So I’ll be back very soon…I hope some of you are still sticking around.

In the meantime, do you have a good “worked myself to death” story? My worst one is losing a week’s worth of work (220 panels) while working on the computer and then re-doing it all from memory with the final stretch being 44 hours straight (OK, with a few naps in there). Chock one up for doing storyboards on paper!

Have at it. : )

5 thoughts on “Surviving Hell Week

  1. Debi

    So, how long did it take you to pick up the pieces of your computer after you threw it out the window?

    My only rush story is when I found out my favorite tv show had a comic that they were planning to write, being a comic illustrator as well, I raced to get a penciling submission to them before found another artist, if they hadn’t already. I rushed out 6 tight, realistic, very detailed comic pages in 4 days. My hand was cramping so badly by the end of it. I didn’t get the job, but I did get a call from the show producer’s office saying how much they all liked it…so that was worth it.

  2. KJL

    I ended up buying a new one! My hard drive was going to the grave so that was the clincher. Turned out to be a pricey job.

    It had actually happened twice (to a lesser degree). If you’ve never seen a grown woman on the floor crying in a fetal position…it ain’t pretty.

    At least you feel your experience was worth it. I can safely say mine was NOT : ).

  3. Ivan G.

    Oooohhh…I don’t think I can top that.

    My “worked myself to death” story was when I was working my first gig storyboard that I didn’t sleep for two days straight catching up deadline. I know photoshop more than ever in that course of those two days. Stupid layers!


  4. KJL

    Yeah, sometimes computers and storyboards don’t mix! Nothing like just worrying about having a pencil and eraser handy. Both have their good and bad points…I’ll write about that in a future post.


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