New Year, New Site, New Challenges

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Well, that worked out rather good. I got to launch off the the new year with the new self-hosted site. Looks the same, with a few tweaks…but man, there’s lots more involved by doing it yourself! But I welcome the challenge. And it’s all mine…bah ha ha (rubbing hands together).

Learning more about HTML code, which is a first for me. I’m not the biggest techie, but I’ve accomplished quite a bit so far and reading many “For Dummies” books…because I am :).

I hope to get into a regular posting schedule of two to three times a week. But that won’t happen this week because ‘hell week’ is upon me. What’s hell week? The last week of the episode schedule. And it’s usually a doozie. Much work and little sleep…all par for the course in storyboarding for TV.

I’ll get into more detail about how this first episode went when things cool off a bit, or when I need a little break (like now). The first one is always a struggle. Takes a while to get back in the groove and get used to a new show with new characters to draw. It’s a fun little show though, so that’s good.

You’ll see there’s now an email subscription option. If you sign up, you’ll get an email delivered with my new post. Super convenient! Or you can click on the RSS feed and subscribe to a feed reader or to live bookmarks in Firefox or Internet Explorer (when you get to the Feedburner page, just click on ‘View Feed XML’ for that option). Subscribing can help build the community I hope to create here.

So thanks for reading and looking forward to the coming year!

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