About Karen


Hey. I’m Karen. Look how much older I am!

I tell stories with silly drawings and I help other people tell theirs.

Because I love STORY.

If you’re looking for information about drawing storyboards and visual storytelling, you’ve come to the right place. “Storyboard” meaning drawn pre-production storyboards for animation and film making.

Because that’s what I did and that’s what I wrote about here on the Storyboard Blog. I wrote tips and educational information about the craft of storyboarding for a few years for people like this:

  • students
  • animation artists
  • filmmakers
  • anyone who wants to add visuals to their work

I’d sometimes write movie reviews, have interviews with industry professionals and I’d analyze scenes from animated movies.

(And I tended to throw in humor, sarcasm and general smartass-ness along the way.)

After a ten year career as a graphic designer in Montreal, I came to Vancouver B.C. to study Classical Animation at the Vancouver Film School. And I was good at boards.

So that’s the direction I took when I started my animation career and it’s the path I stayed on since 1997 (gads, I’m aging myself…). I’ve storyboarded a wide variety of television shows and DVD movies over the years that you can check out here in more detail:

For four years I was also the Storyboard Instructor in the Classical Animation, Game Design, Film Production and Digital Design programs at VFS (the school I studied at). I then later returned to teaching at VFS as the storyboard instructor in the Classical Animation department for another four years.

Then I stopped writing on the blog.

For a LONG time.

Then I became a Director. And pretty much stopped writing here for good.

But the information is still valid. (At least MOST of it is anyway.) Soooooooo

For all of the past posts, please check out the archives on the sidebar and look around.

I might be starting up some new stuff in the very near future though.

Stay tuned and enjoy!


I currently work and reside in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia. Because rain rocks.