I’m Back in Black…the Vacation Wrap-Up

Yes, I love AC/DC.

And that photo. I took it for goodness sakes!

OK, this post will be a short one. I’m still figuring out what I want to write about next.

Consider this the ‘vacation wrap-up’.

But I wanted to show that I’m back and haven’t moved into a surf shack. Not yet anyway. And that I haven’t abandoned my blog. No way man!

I mentioned that I might post while on vacation but that I also might not be using my brain much while away.

I wasn’t.

So I didn’t.

And it felt wonderful.

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The Sweet Smell of Unemployment

I’m done.

It’s over.

Not just Hell Week, but my contract. Six and a half months, five episodes, 1100 pages producing 3300 panels…approximately.

I’m pooped. But I think (I hope) I did an alright job.

If I ‘leave the environment’ while I’m working, it’s real hard to get back in the groove. So I didn’t. I only left the apartment about once a week. I had groceries delivered. My laundry usually consisted of sweat pants and t-shirts. My computer and this blog were my few links to the outside world. I’m grateful for it and for you guys reading. It really helped keep me motivated.

So for that, I thank you.

I am now officially unemployed.

When you freelance, you can’t collect unemployment insurance. So I ain’t. Did I mention that before? Well, you can’t. You’re on your own.

The industry around here is looking pretty darn slow. The word ‘drought’ was mentioned with a colleague the other day. A work drought. Nice.

I have nothing lined up.

No prospects on the horizon as far as storyboarding goes.

And I couldn’t be happier.

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A Little Hell Week Potpourri

I am in the midst of my *final* Hell Week. Then I get a vacation. Yipee for me! So since I’m going to be quite strapped for time and content, you get a little potpourri of things in this post. First off, if you read the comments you may have seen one from Toronto storyboard … Read more