An Updatey Type of Thing

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This one will be short and sweet.

First off, go see ‘Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs’.

Fun, fun stuff. For the kids and adults. It was a ‘cartoon-cartoon’ and one heck of a ride.

I went out of my way NOT to see it in craptastic ‘Real 3D’ and I have to say, there was not one second when I thought “Hey, I wish this was blurrier and stuff was flying at my face.”

Not once.

Between this and ‘Surf’s Up’ (love that one), Sony Pictures Animation has earned my total respect. They are making some great stuff over there. Thank you Sony Animation people!

Maybe I’ll write more of a review thingy on ‘Cloudy’ soon. In the meantime, go see it.

Second, I can’t wait for the Princess and the Frog!

2D classical animation is coming back. I’m all giddy about it.

Just sayin’.

Third, I’m starting a new season of ‘Kid vs Kat’.

Like today.

Should be a fun season. Lots of work ahead. Lots of late nights. But it’s cool.

I even splurged (i.e. racked up credit card) for my own Cintiq 21UX (insert rapid inhalation of breath here). Kind of scary. But it’s purrrrrtty. I will be drawing my boards digitally this time around. And I’ll be writing about the process in the Production Journal to keep you up on the madness that is working on an animated TV series.

Fourth, the Mini Storyboard Critiques are going up!

In price.

It was supposed to be today. But I felt I should give the people ‘on the fence’ a little more time.

So there’s a slight delay in the price increase. It’s now Wednesday, October 14th. Yeah, in TWO DAYS.

Then the $32 Mini Storyboard Critique goes up to $54 and the Mini Critique 3-Pack goes from $89 to $149. (Do the math on that one. Smart people are scooping up the 3-pack.)

You can use these ANY time, so no worries if you don’t have work to send me right away. We’ll just tuck it away until you’re ready. Or set a date in the future and use that as accountability to get your butt in gear if you need it!

We artist types tend to do that ‘procrastination thing’. Accountability is a good cure for that.

So if you’re on the fence, now is the time to hop off and snatch up one (or three) of these suckers. Because the price certainly won’t go down in the future.

That’s it, that’s all, c’est tout.

For now. πŸ™‚


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14 thoughts on “An Updatey Type of Thing

  1. Karen J Lloyd Post author

    Thanks Martin.

    Yes, steady work can be a good thing. Especially after such a dry year. Ugh.

    And the Cintiq will eventually pay for itself…and it’s a tax write-off! I shall enjoy. πŸ™‚


  2. Chris Kawagiwa

    I have been iffy about ‘Meatballs’… but I think I’ll give it a go~ Sony has been putting out some quality stuff– a good thing to have some other contenders out there besides superstar Pixar πŸ™‚

    Argh, everYone is getting Cintiq’s~ looking forward to seeing how the direct digital drawing works out!

  3. Karen J Lloyd Post author

    Hey Chris,

    I was ‘iffy’ about it too. I kept wondering what he heck it was *about*. But then I kept hearing good rumblings about it. So I went with my guy and two kids. We all laughed and we all loved it.

    Give it a go. And supporting other studios besides Pixar, Disney and Dreamworks is a good thing. Especially when they are making movies like this and ‘Surf’s Up’.

    Report back if you do see it. πŸ™‚


  4. Karen J Lloyd Post author

    It will eventually get harder and harder to avoid them.

    The studios are pushing it down our throats and getting all Obi Wan on us. “You *love* the Real 3D….you really doooooooo…”


  5. Aidan Casserly

    The 3D craze is really nothing new; if you’re a creepy dork like me and you love the old monster movies you’re probably familiar with “House of Wax” and “Creature from the Black Lagoon”, both of which were originally presented in 3D and featured a lot of pointless effects thrown into the camera to grab audience’s attention (more so with “House of Wax”, with its cancan girls bottoms and random guy with the paddleball). Yeah, I’m a creepy dork but it’s October, so give into the Halloween spirit.

    As for 3D for all of these animated films, it’s only a matter of time before viewers get to experience the wonder of Shrek’s phlegm coughed all over your popcorn and Junior Mints. Enjoy the show!

  6. Karen J Lloyd Post author

    Oh, of course it’s nothing new (is anything really new? Hello, vampire craze…). I’m not a creepy dork (I don’t think) but I *am* an old fart. πŸ˜‰

    Maybe there’s a reason it didn’t stick around before. Just because the glasses aren’t blue and red doesn’t mean the studio execs aren’t doing the same tired stunts like pointless effects being thrown at the camera to justify it.

    The only reason they are shoving it down our throats again is because they’ve all invested TONS of money in the technology already. And because everyone is at home in front of their huge flat screens watching their Blu-Ray DVDs and not going to the movies.

    Make good movies and we’ll go. Really. You can’t fool us into going with your silly ‘breakthrough technology’. Ugh. (Stop me before I rant again!)

    (Mmmm…junior mints….)

  7. Kasana

    I’m also waiting for princess and the frog, and I wish it make producers happy too.
    PONYO not released in India, then you blames me for watching downloaded & pirated version. πŸ˜›
    Will watch meetballs on this weekend πŸ™‚

  8. Karen J Lloyd Post author

    Astro Boy just didn’t have much appeal for me, so I haven’t seen it. But that doesn’t mean I won’t. πŸ™‚

    It’s just great to see such a wide variety of animated films coming out…that are good! Glad you enjoyed it.


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