One Artist’s Process: The Revisions

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So I know I was going to post up Aidan Casserly’s revised storyboard a week ago and my comments on them to finish off the fabulous series of  ‘One Artist’s Process’.

Which can be found at the intro post, the brainstorming and thumbnails, the first pass storyboards and my feedback of them as part one here and part two here.

But I didn’t, did I?

I’m sure Aidan is off grumbling in the corner wondering where the heck his revision post is.

Well here it is!

Kinda. Sorta.

Unfortunately, it’s just the revisions of his storyboard. Not my comments on them. Because that crazy thing called “work” happened all of a sudden-like.

Now I’m busy as all hell for a few weeks and this is about all my feeble brain can cough up at the moment. So look back at the other posts and take a look here and see what Aidan has changed after I ripped them apart.





See if you can see why he did what he did in the revisions and if you agree or disagree with his choices. I’ll pop into the comments to give some of my two cents, but I promise I will give them their own post when I get the time.

So my apologies to you and Aidan.

But duty calls! (And so does my bank account…)


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3 thoughts on “One Artist’s Process: The Revisions

  1. Aidan Casserly

    No worries, Karen…if I had clients at the moment, I’d say, “Forget that crazy Canadian lady!” and scuttle off. Just be glad you’re working and wear a smile!

    I’ll leave it up to your loyal readers to point out what’s working, what still stinks, and any other general questions and comments. Remember, kids, you can always check out my own storyboard blog to see what’s going to happen with this board:

    Now, back to grumbling in the corner!

  2. Karen J Lloyd Post author

    Yes, work is good. Feast or famine, baby. Feast or famine (which will be a title of a future post methinks).

    Thanks for understanding! Don’t know how many comments will come along. It’s been kinda quiet in these summer months. I will give my two cents though! After I dig myself out of these cartoony animals…

    Don’t grumble too long now. 😉



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