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Okay, this is a cop-out. I admit it.

I’m really working on a post (or series of posts) with an interview I did with Anne Denman of Studio B Productions about resumes, portfolios and applying to studios and stuff.

We recorded the interview during lunch on an audio cassette and I’ve transcribed it. But digging through it all and actually *writing* the article is inflicting all sorts of procrastination-ish stuff on me.

I will get it done though!

So to fill in the gap, I’m going to pimp out a few artists.

This is what happens when you sign up to the Storyboard Club Mailing List Which Is Really Kind Of A Newsletter Thingy on your right.

Some of my ‘list people’ wrote to me and gave me a link to their sites. And they’re very good, so you should look at them and learn.

There are some good examples of making a blog a half-decent portfolio. And some are just really nice drawings.

Take it away Eric the orchestra leader!

(Name that reference and you get a cookie.)

Aidan Casserly has two nice sites. Aidan’s portfolio site is clean and easy to navigate. Aidan’s blog is full of more storyboard goodness. Check them out.

Drew Blom. After reading my series of posts on making a portfolio site, Drew made a very nice site on Weebly.com. Watch and learn folks.

Valery Koval is a storyboard and concept artist in Russia (wow, people read me in Russia?). He sent me his site link yesterday and I thought his drawing style was cool. His site is a pretty good use of a Blogger blog as a portfolio site too.

Remember my Which Animation Student Are You? post? Well, I always said I should do a follow-up because there were definitely more types.

Well, I don’t have to anymore. Because this guy, Chuck Dillon, already did it. With pictures! (Yes, it’s about ‘art students’, but close enough. And it’s funny cause it’s true.)

And finally a little video love for my consulting client R.J. Pena. It’s his thesis film that he worked long and hard on. And I think anyone who puts in all the blood, sweat and tears into creating and finishing their first animated film deserves an audience. (Plus my name is in the credits…ha!)

EDIT: Video has been removed/unlinked.

That’s it for now! You may go about your lives as normal.

I may continue the procrastination by going to see ‘UP’ again…

6 thoughts on “A Little Artist Lazy Linky-Love Post

  1. Ivan Gozali

    Ooohh the weebly links is great. Racking my brain with google sites and generally have a clean look but not very good looking, so this is such a good alternative. Thanks! Need to check out the R.J. Pena’s movie. Will comment when do.

  2. Liana

    I viewed the short movie and was touched by the simplicity of the story .. and captivated by the hard work… bravo 🙂

  3. Karen J Lloyd Post author

    @ Ivan – Yes, you can get a pretty decent site up with Weebly it seems. I’m glad a reader pointed it out to me.

    @ Liana – I’m sure R.J. appreciates the kudos! Thanks. 🙂

    @ R.J. – Yeah, you could have. 🙂 But sometimes a little tweaking makes a big difference.
    You could also tweak forever, but you also have to let some stuff go and get the thing DONE. And you did. Yay!


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