A Video Non-Review of ‘UP’

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OK, this is an experiment.

One that I may regret. I’m not sure yet.

But I feel as though I’m in a bit of a ‘posting slump’ and need to shake things up a bit. And since I started using audio in my Mini Critiques, I realized that audio and video really are a godsend to a lazy ass like me.


Because I can talk a heckuva lot faster than I can type.

And I’m a bit of a ham.

So I went to see Pixar’s ‘UP’.

And I was going to give it one of my ‘tri-perspective’ reviews and all. Much like my Coraline review, I was going to focus on the experience of seeing the movie.

Well, this was my experience.

Sorry if the video is too long. Sorry if it’s not loud enough. Sorry that there is no real review at this time. When I see the movie again, I’ll give one (the short version is: it’s fabulous).

But there were ‘technical difficulties’ that I need to rant about.

So in the name of “putting myself out there” here is my ‘UP’ experience.

My apologies. : )

(Judging from the still frame on the video, I assume the video Gods are punishing me already.)

If you can’t see the video in your feed reader, click through to the post.


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45 thoughts on “A Video Non-Review of ‘UP’

  1. Will

    Loved the spoiler-free video! I’m sorry your theatre does not love you. My wife and I saw the 3D version on opening day and then went back the next day and saw the 2D version. Loved them both, but I had trouble seeing much of the action around the edges with the 3D glasses on, it got pretty blurry.

  2. leah

    love, love, love your video! I’ve had some movie-mishap experiences like that. SO frustrating! Did you get your money back?

  3. Karen J Lloyd Post author

    @ Alex – Don’t worry. Like Will said, it’s a non-spoiler video that’s more about the movie theatre than the movie. It’s safe! (But go see the movie too.)

    @ Will – You’re welcome! Yeah, I have no love for the 3D ‘Real’ experience. But you have to go way out of town to see it in 2D around here. They have me at their mercy! I will go see it again though. Soon. 🙂

    @ Leah – Thanks darlin’. I will give them props for giving us free coupons to see it again (they cover the 3D higher priced ticket). So yeah, they took care of us without us complaining.

    But I love seeing a Pixar movie the *first* time to get the ‘don’t know what’s coming’ experience. Oh well. My BF saw it again with his daughter and he loved it just as much the second time. 🙂

  4. Ivan Gozali

    Hahahahhaha….I was entertained by your screencast. Or video pod. Or…I don’t even know what they call these things these days with all the web 2.0 hoopla.

    Btw, I sneaked in to see Star Trek before Up.

    Partly Cloudy; you don’t miss much–audio wise. A lot of huffing, puffing, grunting, panting, and any other voices you can make without spurting any words ARE there.

    Have you noticed those damn stereoscopic movies made them more muted color? When I took off the glasses in between scenes, the colors pop more. Anyhoo…not a fan of those damn type of movies, but I’ll still give them a chance. They better do it right next time!

  5. Karen J Lloyd Post author

    @ Jonathan – Weirdness. I checked it in IE7 and it said I needed to upgrade to Flash player 9 (or 10) so I did that, restarted IE and it worked.

    Then I came back to Firefox and the video wasn’t showing! I clicked through the post and now it’s back. What the? Might be something on Vimeo’s end. Try again and let me know if/when you see it.

    It can also be viewed here: http://www.vimeo.com/5071647

    Thanks for the heads up though. Gotta keep an eye on that.

    @ Ivan – I guess it’s just a ‘video rant’. We also snuck into Star Trek after UP. I felt it was justified after all that sound crap. It was lots of fun.

    And I know ‘Cloudy’ was pretty dialogue-free. But *total silence* was annoying too. I wanted the grunts and music! 🙂

    Ugh, don’t get me started on the ‘3D experience’…

  6. Friar

    Hahah! I like your mini-movies.

    One thing for sure, you’re NOT shy. I don’t’ know too many people who can do a monologue into a camera for 6 minutes.

    Of course, you know…you have to to BACK and see that movie again (at another theater, perhaps).

    PS. Now we know you were GLASSES. 😉

  7. Karen J Lloyd Post author

    Oooo! And I was gonna jump all over that typo! 😉

    Nope, not too shy in front of a camera. I rather enjoy it. I miss acting so that kind of ‘feeds the bug’.

    Yes, I will go back with my handy-dandy free movie coupon they so graciously gave us (without asking…so that was cool).

  8. Friar

    That movie’s on my short list of ones to see.

    (Sigh). Though it involves me having to drive 45 minutes each way (And burn at least $10 in gas).

    Thank you Splat Creek, for no longer having a viable movie theater in town.

  9. Karen J Lloyd Post author

    Ugh, that stinks.

    But Pixar movies *are* best seen on the big screen, I gotta say.

    If you see it in 3D then it’s even MORE expensive (but if you don’t have to…don’t). At least go to the 7-11 first and sneak in your snacks to save a few bucks! 🙂

  10. Friar

    …and if I don’t’ feel like driving that far, I can always watch your mini-movie right here.

    And if I really want…for added entertainment, I can use the mouse to stop the video, and freeze your face in funny positions. 🙂

    (I guess that’s what the media does all the time to our politicians!)

  11. Raz

    I’m glad I’m not the only one out there that doesn’t enjoy the 3Ded stuff. I’ve only seen this and Coraline in 3D and while Up was the better experience (Duh), I still get itchy eyes.

    My eyes like regular 2D 3D. They’re old fashion.

    Ps. Thanks for the templates 😀

  12. Nicole Blume

    Great video…hope they gave you free passes for next time.

    I hate when they have problems like that…your never sure whether you should get up and go tell someone, or did someone else tell them. Once while watching the Da Vinci Code we actually had the film melt, we saw it actually happen on the screen. During the last Harry Potter film the fire alarms went off during the last 10 minutes of the movie and everyone had to evacuate. I think we stood outside for 30 minutes and than we finally were able to go in and finish it. Both times we got free passes to see another movie.

    Hope to see more video reviews!

  13. Karen J Lloyd Post author

    @ Friar – I suspect ‘UP’ might be a bit more entertaining than me. Maybe. And yeah, someone could probably have a field day with all my crazy facial expressions.

    But uh….please don’t. 🙂

    @ Hey Raz! I actually found Coraline to be only movie that the 3D thing didn’t bug me. I found it worked better with the stop-motion world as opposed to a CGI world. But that’s just me. Glad you like the templates. What’s shaking with you these days?

    @ Nicole – Yup, they gave us free passes on our way out. So that was cool. Wow, you’ve had some movie-drama too I see! Haven’t we all at some point?
    Yes, more reviews and videos in my future, I’m sure. They’re pretty fun.

    Nice little portfolio site you have there. Did you make it yourself or have a web designer do it? Very clean and easy to get around. 🙂

  14. Nicole Blume

    Thanks glad you like it and yes I did make it myself. That’s exactly what I wanted something clean and simple. I know nothing about HTML so I built it in flash. 🙂

  15. Karen J Lloyd Post author

    @ Leonie – Ignore him. He writes posts about dead fish for goodness sakes. 😉

    @ Friar – Hey, I’ll take some sweetness over trolls and people insulting each other ANY day. Lord knows there’s plenty of that on the internet.

    Yes, I have the capacity to be nice (and I happen to know Leonie rocks). Sue me! 😉

  16. KASANA

    Quite Animated Video. India Still waiting for ‘UP.’
    Hey you lifts one eyebrow. …Hmm… Canada Got Talent 🙂
    And Last frame(your smiling face) of the video is looks very beautiful.
    You can replace with your profile pic. Just a Suggestion 🙂

  17. Karen J Lloyd Post author

    @ Kasana – Yes, I’m a walking cartoon! You’ll enjoy ‘UP’…I’m sure it will be worth the wait.
    Thanks for the compliments. 🙂

  18. nick

    mmmmm…just seems 3d has been rejuvenated this last little while with J.Katzenburg pushing to get more 3d cinema’s across the country up and running so his films can be shown in them( which is ok)…I dont really enjoy a film personally that has gimicky shots specifically used ( off a cliff etc) for a 3d experience especially if it doesnt push the story along. Even though Up was shown in a 3d cinema (which is where I saw it) i think it would stand up perfectly fine as a 3d film in a 2d theater…OH YA, the story was great too!….just my rambling…

  19. Karen J Lloyd Post author

    @ Nick – Yup, it’s a just a desperate attempt to get people away from their wide screen HD TVs at home and into the theatres (and charge us more). But I hate that they’re forcing it down our throats and it never ADDS to the story.

    The gimmicky shots…GAH…drive me crazy too. There was NO need to have UP in 3D. I could rant on and on. I ramble along with you. 🙂

    @ Rufin – Ha! Good one. 🙂
    They should stick with more films like Kung Fu Panda. They got that one right.

  20. Quinn Simoes

    yessssss… now I get to watch you over and over again all creepy like.

    Hope your doing well!

    Dylan and I saw Up and we loved it, just in regular old 2D.

    Say hi to the big K for me.


  21. Raz

    Haven’t been up to much after Mercury. Trying to get a couple of my own ideas off the ground but i can’t solidify anything. Creative ADHD?

    Keep up the video non-reviews, this one turned out pretty good. Reminded me of the good ol’ days in class, haha.

    Also, is it possible to ascertain the location of that dubious theater so that i can stay away?

  22. Karen J Lloyd Post author

    @ Quinn – Oh, you just miss watching me all creepy-like through that window at Mercury, don’t you? Happy to oblige your stalker tendencies. 😉

    Nice to see you here dude! I will pass along the greetings to the other K.

    @ Raz – Yup, been pretty slow in town these days. Might be picking up in the near future though. And the vid was fun…I’m sure to do more.

    And I won’t slam the theatre. I’m sure it was an isolated incident. (But it was a biggie downtown one) 😉

  23. t. sterling

    Hey, it’s been a little while so I apologize if this is a disgustingly long comment.

    First of all, I also had a problem viewing your awesome vid-non-review in IE but I’ve been trying out Google Chrome for the past few weeks and whatever doesn’t work on IE, works for Chrome and vice versa. And I also upgrade Flash from 9 to 10, but who knows.

    Anyway, I had wanted to come check out your blog since UP came out, especially after seeing it this past Wednesday. My job has a newsletter that I write movie reviews for, and first they requested Star Trek, and also gave me some free tickets. Star Trek was pretty awesome by the way. Since Up was getting a lot of hype, I wanted to write a review for the newsletter too, and they had to publish it on Monday which meant I needed to see it ASAP.

    Unfortunately (or fortunately), the theater I went to didn’t have 3D viewing. I honestly didn’t really mind. I got my 3D (technically 4D) fill when I went to a special showing of Sponge Bob when I was in NYC a couple weeks ago. However I am curious what things popped out more than usual. Watching in 2D, it’s something I’m not thinking about.

    Anyway, awesome video. I demand more! I’m working on something myself, but I think until I get the proper hardware, I can only make audio files that I’ll post. I can have some fun with that though since I like podcasts. But your review and rant entertained me while I stuffed my face. Who likes to read these days anyway? I mean c’mon!

    This was my first Pixar movie I saw in the theater and it was quite fun. I went to a late showing and there were only 10 people, no kids, an elderly couple, and a young couple making out all the way in the back (they make me sick). But I agree, ’twas a must see.

  24. Karen J Lloyd Post author

    @ T – Oh, how I’ve missed your smiling breakfast face! And I welcome all comments…long or short.

    Damn that IE! It seems to be the bane of every web designer’s existence too.

    That’s very cool about the newsletter. I enjoyed Star Trek. You missed nothing by not seeing UP in 3D. I would prefer to see it in 2D, but there’s nowhere close by for me to see it.

    You just get that more ‘layered/depth’ look. The good thing about Pixar is they didn’t make a bunch of stupid ‘at the audience’ gimmick shots just for the 3D thing. Thank goodness.

    I think they are just succumbing to the big-wig pressure of making ALL movies in 3D. Ugh. So no, you didn’t miss anything.

    Thanks for the video kudos. ‘More’ seems to be the consensus, so I will deliver!

  25. secreto89

    Great Post :)!

    Yeah.. I,ve gone through those times..

    Its nice to find that you’re a real person ;).

    I haven’t seen the movie yet, but in several blogs was cosidered too “Cliche”.

  26. Karen J Lloyd Post author

    Yup, real person. Imagine that! 😉

    Cliche huh? Hmm. I’ll have to see it again (undistracted) to see if I agree. But I think I know where they’re be coming from. I guess I wasn’t all that ‘surprised’ by things or how they ended up. But that’s fine.

    This film is more about the ‘journey’ than the outcome.

    Mainly, I think it was a great study in character. You care about Carl and his life very quickly. I’ve gone through whole movies without giving a crap about ANY of the characters.

    It was fun and entertaining. No complaints about that. 🙂

  27. steph

    Okay, I’m sure you’ve heard it a gazillion times before. I know you have. I purposely skipped the comments here, though, to pretend I’m the first one saying it now: you look like Scully. Srsly. I love it!

    I’ve never had anything untoward happen at the movies. If anything did, I would be totally, totally pissed off! Sure, these things happen, but not on my $10, dammit!

  28. Liana

    Loved the video , you can sure say alot more than trying to write all of that! though I did adore, the emotional aspect of it also…. I say two thumbs up 🙂

  29. Karen J Lloyd Post author

    @ Steph – Well I *used* to hear it all the time. 🙂 And you ARE the first to say it here!

    Methinks a vast majority of my readers may have been youngins when the X-Files was popular. Plus it’s been off the air for so long it’s kind of ‘off the radar’ now. (But the truth is still out there.)

    And not $10…try $15-17!!! Damn 3D.

    @ Liana – Yeah if I wrote that all out, you’d still be reading it! Glad you enjoyed it. The emotion really sucks you in fast, doesn’t it?

    Thanks for dropping by lady. 🙂

  30. Zeb

    Okay, Karen, I’m sitting here waiting for your video to buffer so I can see it all through in one shot rather than in 15 second intervals. So while I’m waiting, I just wanted to say, you look great! You look better than the pic in the banner. Seriously! And it’s nice to SEE you! Cool! Please do more clips like this! Okay, gotta go watch your review now. Pass the popcorn, please!

  31. Karen J Lloyd Post author

    Ugh. Slow internet connections. Just ruins the whole video experience doesn’t it? Sorry man. 🙂

    But aren’t you the sweetest with your fabulous compliments? Thanks a bunch (even if I have a hard time agreeing with you).

    The consensus seems to be “more video” so I will!

    Hope it was worth the wait. 😉

  32. Chris K

    My goodness I’m behind in my blog reading…!
    I agree with everyone here though: great video and cool to see you’re a real person~ i especially liked your little sound fx we can’t hear when we read like ” …*boop!* pivotal moment *boop!*…” :]

    That’s real unfortunate about the sound going out! Even though “Partly Cloudly” was very much driven by the visual acting, those little word-less grunts, puffs and sighs said a lot– universal language stuff.

    I really enjoyed “UP” too after specifically requesting to my group of friends noT to see it in 3-D after being so disappointed with “Bolt”. It was worth having to wait for the late showing (where there was a surprising amount of lil’ ones~)

    I listened to an interview with “UP’s” director/co-writer Pete Docter on a podcast of “Fresh Air” recently. He mentioned that 4 seconds of animation takes about one week! –so every second of those audio-less moments counts! i sure hope you get to enjoy the film in its entirety without the distraction. It totally pulls you out of the experience and out of that ‘suspension of disbelief’ where you can enjoy being in that beautiful Pixar world for little while.

    Did I ever mention my first glimpse of “Bolt” was the movie trailer played backward aND upside-down?? Nothing funnier than seeing a dog jump backwards out of a manhole, a reverse-exploding helicopter put itself back together, and that pixar lamp hopping backwards at the end 😛

  33. Karen J Lloyd Post author

    Hey Chris!

    Yes. The sound effects. I do those a lot. 🙂

    And yeah, it’s not so much that you can’t understand the story or anything without sound. It’s just that when there’s a malfunction, it zaps me right OUT of the movie and I’m fully aware that I’m sitting in the theatre. And I hate that.

    Ha! That Bolt movie trailer sounds hilarious. Could they have gotten that *more* wrong? 🙂


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