A Few Announcements and Processing the Process

Lookie! New stuff in the sidebar!

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I’m starting a little club.

The Storyboard Club.

At this point, it’s just a free mailing list. But it will turn into more.

With this list, I will occasionally keep in touch with you by email. I might send out a monthly ‘blog round-up’ of the month’s posts with some extra insights. Or a newsletter-ish thingy. Or give you a link to something cool I won’t necessarily post on the blog.

When I make an eBook or host a webinar, you will hear about it first. And you will get it for less money than the general public. First dibs, baby.

Because when you’re part of my ‘club’, you’re all special and stuff.

If this appeals to you at all, I’d love you to sign up!

To top it off, you get a cool free thing when you do. A big ol’ Storyboard Template Pack and Short Film Tip Sheet.

If you like the free templates I already offer, you will love this thing. Head on over to the Download Page for all the juicy details.

Then fill in the sign-up form in the sidebar and you’re golden.

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A note to email subscribers: I will not automatically include you in the Storyboard Club Mailing List. That would be kinda sleazy, because maybe you don’t want to be on the list. So if you do, just opt-in and you’ll still get blog updates and the Storyboard Club emails. I really hope you do!

Yay! Exciting.

Next thing.

I had a great couple of questions in the ‘Why You Hiding‘ comments a couple of weeks ago. It was from Djordje (I haven’t a clue how to pronounce that) and was as follows:

I’ve had a question on my mind and have to ask, how do you go about analyzing animation/live action from a storyboard artists perspective? What do you exactly look for? Is it a combination of composition, staging, rule of thirds, depth and shot choice for individual frames and scenes? Then would you look at how the scenes cut together and flow?

It was a little too much to tackle in the comment section and I thought it would make a great post or series of posts. I still do, and I will do that.

But when I started to think about it, I had a hard time wondering how I would explain it.

I mean sure, I could get all technical and analytical and stuff (bor-ing), but I was trying to find the real ‘heart’ of it. How do I go about critiquing a story? What am I looking for?

Not to tell you how to do it, but how do I do it?

The only thing that kept coming up for me, was that it’s ‘just a feeling‘.

Really helpful, huh?

I believe people are born with certain talents and abilities. Yes, you can learn almost anything. You can even learn to be pretty damn good at something.

Then there are some things you’re just born with.

I can draw. I always have drawn. I get better when I draw more. I’m pretty good and make a living at it. But I see other people’s amazing work and just know I could never do that. Hell, I don’t have the drive to do that.

You can tell they live and breath it and were born with that ‘extra something’.

It’s the same for music.

I learned to play the bass way back when. I loved it. I was pretty good at it. But it wasn’t because I was a born musician. It was because I was a good student, I practiced and I have a really good sense of timing.

But I could never do a solo. I could never write music. Because I am no musician. And never will be.

And that’s OK. It didn’t make me love it any less.

We’ve all seen those people who are born to play music. Who are born to dance. Who are born to make amazing, original art. You may be one of them. Cool.

Over the years of doing what I do, I think I’ve come to the realization that although I make my living drawing, I am really a ‘teller of stories‘.

Other people’s stories.

That’s why I’ve kept doing what I’ve been doing. I get off finding that ‘feeling‘ of the right beat, the good gag, the great reveal, the satisfying ending.

I dig it.

I get a sense of when something isn’t working. I get this little nagging feeling when a story is missing something. I get an ahhh feeling through me when it flows smoothly. I just know it works.

Because I think I have that ‘born thing’ when it comes to visual storytelling.

That’s why I’m shifting my career path.

Yes, I’ll still storyboard when I have to. It pays the bills and I’m good at it.

But I really want to be a story consultant and storyboard mentor to help other people tell their stories.

There. I said it.

So in celebration of that, I’ve reworked my ‘Work With Karen’ pages. It now has One-On-One Storyboard Consultations and the brand spanking new Mini Storyboard Critiques.

Different options for different needs and different budgets.

Check them out if you have that ‘feeling‘ you have a story to tell.

And if you need some guidance and feedback, let me help you.

I’ll dig it.

How do I know?

Just a feeling. : )


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12 thoughts on “A Few Announcements and Processing the Process

  1. steph

    TOtally go on that feeling!! It’s so important.

    You are soooo lucky to have it! I love reading about people who find their true career path, the one they know FITS them. Way to listen, way to recognize opportunity, way to listen to gut and heart. You will definitely dig it.

    I have a feeling.


    Now if only I could have some career feelings/direction of my own!!

  2. Karen J Lloyd Post author

    Thanks Steph. : )

    Well, I also firmly believe that just because you make one choice at some point, it doesn’t mean you can’t change it. This is my third career shift and it’s all good.

    Everything you do adds to your skills and experience and I feel it’s never a waste. Do I regret my time as a graphic designer? No way! Those skills are coming in super-handy with all this web stuff. I’m grateful for those skills.

    It’s finding what will make you happy *at the time*. You can always shift it and change it again.

    I hope you find your new direction too. Change is good. Put out your ‘feelers’. 🙂

  3. Djordje Zutkovic


    Sweet template package and tips on making a short film! As for my name, its pronounced georgey. Great posts on putting together a online portfolio. Awesome stuff!


  4. Karen J Lloyd Post author

    Hey, thanks Djordje (and for the pronunciation tip…that was easy!).

    Glad you liked it. I’ll be getting more in-depth with your questions in the future. I promise.

    Thanks for signing up. 🙂

  5. Rufin Lutao

    Hey Karen, Great post on this, I am making a similar transition to take storyboarding full force. Well not quite, but I’ve realized how much I enjoy the process of visual storytelling. It’s as if new doors have opened. I’m in.

  6. Karen J Lloyd Post author

    Thanks Rufin. 🙂

    Good for you for taking the bull by the horns. That’s awesome!

    And great portfolio site you’ve got too. I see you’re also using Weebly. How do you find it?

    I’ll probably be continuing with that web series next post.

  7. @TheGirlPie

    Wow! That IS a freaky optical illusion ~ HA! Very cool that you’re offering this, just signed up for the Club myself, and looking forward to more of your instinctive intuition (aka: TALENT! EXPERIENCE!)


  8. Karen J Lloyd Post author

    The picture – I know! I figured I better mention it before everyone told me it was crooked. 🙂

    You are too kind GirlPie. Thanks a bunch for signing up.


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