Is Blogiversary Even A Word?

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Whoa! What happened here?

We interrupt the Feature Favorites posts to bring you this important announcement:

Today my little storyboard blog turns one year old. Yay!

So it got a make-over and a face-lift. (It will soon buy a Porche and start dating younger men.)

Now things aren’t perfect. I’ve already found some stuff I need to tweak, so it’s still a work in progress. (In other words…Gaa! I don’t know how to fix it!!!)

Like as I write this, the whole site has shrunk from my test version, so the type (and everything!) is smaller than it should be. I don’t know what that’s all about. *pulls on hair* (Update: OK, that’s fixed. I was just a techno-idiot. Many thanks to Nathan. )

But I’ll give you a few highlights to show you around.

As you can see, the banner at the top is basically the same (and click-able). I didn’t want to totally disorient you. But the page navigation is under the banner and there are a few sub headers as well. Do a little hovering and you’ll see them.

One big change is that the sidebar links now are in the Resources page. It’s got cool tabs and I’ll be adding to them as time goes on. You can contact me for any link suggestions. I welcome it!

And one of the biggest changes is the Work With Karen page. I am offering storyboard mentoring and visual story consulting services now. Wee! I just have some primary information right now, but rates and much more information about the services are coming very soon.

But if you’re chomping at the bit and want some information now, contact me and I’ll answer your questions.

There are Testimonials to read from some cool folks I’ve already worked with. So you can check those out. If we ever work together, you can be added too.

The consulting will be operating under the business name of ‘See The Script Media‘ and there is a website in the works for all that too. In due time and you’ll know all about it when it’s ready.

Another little thing you might have noticed is the new Alltop badge in the sidebar. This is a very cool site that has RSS feeds for tons of blogs under tons of categories. I happened to make it into the ‘Animation‘ category, so I’m quite stoked about that.

If you want to browse a bunch of blog headlines very quickly and easily, check out Alltop and search their many subjects.

I’ve also added Gravatars to the comment section. If you have one, it’s already showing up. If you don’t have one, just go to and sign up. Use the email address you normally use when you comment on blogs, upload the image you want and that’s about it. It really livens up the comments, don’t you think?

Other than all that, the blog is pretty much the same except for the new theme. If you find any icky stuff going on in your browser, I’d really appreciate you giving me the heads up. Just go to the contact page and fire me a message. Thanks!

I have a few more things planned for the blog and, of course, you’ll be the first to know about them.

The last of the Feature Favorite posts will be up shortly (I hope). So stay tuned for that and I hope you like the new digs (once all the bugs are worked out)!


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27 thoughts on “Is Blogiversary Even A Word?

  1. Martin

    Congratulations on the first year! Your blog has been one of the most useful and insightful places I have ever had the fortune of subscribing to! Here’s to another year of intriguing posts!

  2. steph

    Looks awesome, Karen! I like it. And congrats on making Alltop! 🙂 Can’t wait to see what other fun things you have planned!

    PS. Your BCSPCA link doesn’t work…

  3. Karen J Lloyd Post author

    @ Martin – Thanks so much and welcome! (I think you’re a new commenter, right?) What a nice compliment. 🙂

    @ Steph – Thanks so much! And the SPCA link is fixed…much appreciated for the heads up. (Check out the Friar testimonial 🙂 )

    @ Jeff – Well, I guess you’re bloggin’ right about that! Thanks. 🙂

  4. GirlPie

    Looks GREAT. Happy New Year, keep up the good work.

    And your left nav bar (they’re calling it a sidebar these days, right?) is in the perfect order — especially love the use of “KARMA” for your link love. Keep at it. (Hey, not that you asked, but if you ever wonder about longer vs shorter posts, I vote shorter. So many of your good articles (old timer here) are too long for me to start and get bookmarked for that time that’s in an alternate reality: later. On the bright side: I have people I refer to it send me the recap! But I do like your voice, and don’t even mind it when we disagree on key points.)

    Keep up the good work.

  5. Karen J Lloyd Post author

    @ GirlPie – Ahh, GirlPie…when will you reveal your secret identity? 🙂

    You always write the best comments (and Tweets). We all wish you had a blog (but you already know that). Thanks for the nice words and wonderful feedback. Much appreciated!

    Yes, my posts are quite long. But it’s a toss up for just writing once a week or so. I suppose I could mix it up a bit more. Thanks for that. And disagreeing with you is always a pleasure (though it’s not very often…is it?). 😉

    @ Havi – Wee! Thanks for dropping by. And I get the pink hat too! Yowza.

    Much thanks to you and Naomi for my ‘bigification’ journey. Mwah! 🙂

  6. Debi

    It’s been a year!? Really? Nah, you’re pulling our legs…

    Damn time goes fast!!

    Happy Blogiversary!! The new look is wonderful!! Now blow out the candle on the cake before this whole place catches fire.

  7. Karen J Lloyd Post author

    Do you believe it? I don’t even believe it. But check the archives! It’s true I tells ya, it’s true.

    Thanks Debi. You were also one of my first commentators and I thank you for that and for still hanging around. 🙂

    *hands her a piece of cake with a frosting rose*

  8. t.sterling

    Happy… blogday? I can never give a normal “happy birthday” message to anyone… it’s usually “Happy Life Anniversary” or something like that that people don’t expect.

    Anyway, nice remodeling. I had no idea it’s been one year. I was under the impression your blog has been around longer than that. I don’t feel as young now. I’m some months shy before I turn the big 1-2 (months) but I got pre-excited and already redesigned a little bit throwing up polls and useless facts which is what I live for anyway. I actually need to figure out my blog’s birthday so I can celebrate properly.

    Nevertheless, congrats and ’tis always a pleasure stopping by to see what witty wisdoms and inspirations you have written for us. And now I can go get me a gravatar and stop being envious. Yes, I think that’s awesome to have a lil avatar thingy. I’m not sure which to use just yet, but I’ll figure it out when the time comes. I shall explore your blog indefinitely in due time. But Eddie Izzard is on and I’ll probably watch Iron Giant again before I go to sleep… so… you have to wait. It’s your fault anyway.

  9. Pete

    Looks good! interesting to see the addition of consultations, definitely a valuable resource. Put up a picture when you get the porche 😉

  10. Karen J Lloyd Post author

    @ T – You’re back just to show off your cool little gravatar, aren’t you? Admit it! 😉

    (now tell me what it is…)

    I figure the date of your very first post is your blog’s birthday. Hope Eddie Izzard was great and you enjoyed the 17th viewing of the Iron Giant. 🙂

    @ Alex – Thanks so much sir and merci! (that’s all I got language-wise). Hope you had a lovely trip back home. 🙂

    @ Thank Pete – And the Porche is for the blog, not me. Just to be clear. I care not for such things. 😉 (But I am dating a younger man…)

  11. t.sterling

    Eddie was hilarious as usual (even his older stuff I get a kick out of.. it came with the other Netflix DVDs I rented).

    I’ll go with the first date of the current blog. I had another one on a blogsite that was less than cooperative, so I’ll just ignore that post date altogether.

    And my gravatar is breakfast. It’s a picture I took of an IHOP meal consisting of 2 buttermilk pancakes (with spots of butter), bacon for eye brows, and a French toast triangle to form a happy mouth. The meal also included eggs, but I ate those, and later ate this face after taking the picture. My mother never told me not to play with my food. She knew not to get in the way of my creativity.

  12. Friar


    Happy Birthday (or Blogday)…or whatever you call it!

    And WOW…I’m a “testimonial”.

    I’ve been quoted. I’ve been linked to. But this is the first time I’ve been a “Testimonial”.

    You honor me, Comic-Book Girl-San. 😉

  13. Karen J Lloyd Post author

    @ T – You just cracked me up. Congratulations. 🙂

    @ Friar – Yay! I made you a testimonial. So official, isn’t it? Go tell your friends!

    (You are aware I don’t make or read comic books, right? GEEK.) 😉

  14. Dan Szilagyi

    Wow one year eh? i’m surpised it has been that long really, it doesn’t seem like it.

    many props to you Karen for making this blog look slick and cool 🙂 i might not post that often but i read the posts and updates as you do them so keep it up!

    Funny that i work as a storyboard artist now too! so your tips are useful as ever.


  15. Martin

    @ Karen – Yes, a new commenter! I tend to get so absorbed in reading posts that I forget there’s this nice interactive thing to let the person know they’ve done a bang-up job!

    I’ve subscribed to the twitter feed now (as Erilaz), so i’ll hopefully get even more interesting and amusing posts. No pressure. 🙂

  16. Brett Legree

    Blogiversary certainly is a word – hey, it’s your blog, so Happy Blogiversary! Congrats on your first year, and here’s to many more.


  17. Karen J Lloyd Post author

    @ Jaden – Thanks! Right back at ya. 🙂

    @ Martin – Always cool when someone new takes the time to leave a comment. Love it.

    And don’t expect too much storytelling wisdom in my Tweets. Just a bunch of casual goofiness and sharing of neat stuff, usually. But it’s fun to see that side too. 🙂

    @ Brett – Well I have confirmation now. I will wear that word proudly. Thanks Brett. To new paths! Cheers. 🙂

  18. Karen J Lloyd Post author

    We’ve confirmed that ‘Blogiversary’ is acceptable. 🙂

    Thanks Ivan! You were my very *first* commentator ever! Thanks for hanging around this long.
    *passes big piece of cake to him*

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