I’m Back in Black…the Vacation Wrap-Up

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Yes, I love AC/DC.

And that photo. I took it for goodness sakes!

OK, this post will be a short one. I’m still figuring out what I want to write about next.

Consider this the ‘vacation wrap-up’.

But I wanted to show that I’m back and haven’t moved into a surf shack. Not yet anyway. And that I haven’t abandoned my blog. No way man!

I mentioned that I might post while on vacation but that I also might not be using my brain much while away.

I wasn’t.

So I didn’t.

And it felt wonderful.

I recommend that every once in a while you not use their brain while basking on a beach. I was like, “Storyboards? What are storyboards? Never heard of ’em.”

And a lot of my commenters told me to take it easy and relax. I dig my commenters, so I listened to them.

Plus I don’t have a laptop and had to check on things at a hotel Internet spot where you keep feeding the computer money. It gets a little stressful seeing the counter go down and trying to feed it bills while keeping your train of thought, so I kept it pretty short. (Yes, that is stress when you’re not using your brain, OK? 😉 )

And my apologies to those who emailed me and I didn’t answer yet. My webmail for the blog was empty (huh, what??) and it went only to my home computer, so I didn’t get them until I got back. Looking into that one. All will be answered shortly!

So the wrap-up is this: I had an amazing, relaxing time and feel rejuvenated. I finished my last board on a Friday, was very busy on the the Saturday and flew out on the Sunday. Now that I’m home I’m just realizing that I don’t have to work. I feels odd and liberating. I’m all giddy inside.

Again, I’d like to welcome any new readers and commenters. You guys are awesome and I really appreciate the kind words and feedback. Makes me feel I’m on the right track with this blog.

I’ll be writing a real post very soon, so stay tuned.

So Aloha and thanks. 🙂

*empties sand out of shorts*

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8 thoughts on “I’m Back in Black…the Vacation Wrap-Up

  1. Debi

    First, wow, you suck!!
    Second, you deserve it..yet you still suck.

    Amazing picture.

    Did I mention you suck?

    Glad you got back safely and that you had a good time. Welcome back to the real world.

  2. Karen J Lloyd Post author

    Thanks Todd!

    Well, not as uncomfortable as the sand I got into a cut on my foot when I sliced it on some coral…ouch! My only real injury of the trip.

    Oh, except when I slammed my shin into the coral too.

    And my toe.

    …Coral doesn’t like me.

  3. Karen J Lloyd Post author

    Yes, blue blue blue…ahhh.

    I see people swim in English Bay and I go, “eesh, I don’t know about that.”
    It sure ain’t blue blue blue. 😉

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