Meet the Storyboard Blog’s Live-Action Go-to-Guy

Adrien Van Viersen

OK, this is cool.

A friend and fellow storyboard artist, Adrien Van Viersen will be joining the Storyboard Blog as of this week. He’ll be guest posting, adding his insights and overall ‘two cents’ about storyboarding for live-action film.

As regular readers may know, I storyboard primarily for animation. So I don’t want to give the impression that I work in film when I post about it. Don’t get me wrong, I do my research, but I feel better giving you guys ‘the real deal’ from someone who does this for a living full time.

And Adrien knows his stuff. Here’s the official bio from his website:

“Adrien van Viersen began his illustration career in 1991 with the self-published Time City comic book series, which attracted national attention.

In 1993, Adrien began designing and animating children’s interactive CD-ROMs before moving on to Studio B Productions in Vancouver in 1995, where he designed for Disney, Universal, Warner, and DIC. His work can be seen Saturday mornings on shows like The Mighty Ducks, Ace Ventura, The Savage Dragon, and Timone and Pumba.

Meanwhile, he completed work on the Technopolis comic book series (a new updated Time City) published by Caliber Comics. His efforts garnered him a Russ Manning Award nomination for Best New Talent in the comic book industry.

In 1998, along with Clyde Klotz (X-Files), he began work designing Mainframe Entertainment’s War Planets for 26 episodes. After seven years in the animation field, the lure of live action film hearkened. Adrien’s career as a storyboard artist began with Romeo Must Die, and continued with Dreamcatcher, X-men2, I-Robot, I-Spy, and Paycheck among others.

The completion of the short film Code, produced by Brenda Painter, marked Adrien’s debut as a writer, director, and production designer. In 2001, he received a Leo Award nomination for Best Production design. The film airs regularly on Space and CBC.

The completion of the short film The Agent marks his third foray into the film world, as director and production designer. His latest films, Tit for Tat and Pig Tale played the world festival circuit.”

His current storyboarding project is the new untitled X-Files movie. And being an official X-Files geek, I kinda freaked a bit when I heard about that one. You can check out his complete filmography here.

For starters, Adrien will be following up on my series of posts about ‘Getting the J-O-B‘. He’ll add 3 posts about Training, Portfolios and Professionalism that will supplement the posts I already did with his live-action point of view. Then for the last 2 posts on ‘Contacts in the Industry’ and ‘A Good Attitude’, we’ll kind of tag-team and co-write them.

Then we’ll take it from there on how much he’d like to post. If you have any specific questions for Adrien or myself, don’t hesitate to write us at blog (at) karenjlloyd (dot) com. That’s what this blog is for…to give you the information you’d like to know. So don’t be shy. 🙂

Adrien’s first post will be up in a couple of days, so feel free to subscribe to the RSS feed or by email if you don’t want to miss it.

Told you this was cool.

6 thoughts on “Meet the Storyboard Blog’s Live-Action Go-to-Guy

  1. Debi

    He’s doing the boards for the X-Files movie!? Can I join you in geek freak-town on that one? (*quickly hides all her X-Files dvds and books*)

    In the photo, I’m assuming he’s the one in the foreground. 😉

    Can’t wait to hear what you both have to say!

  2. KJL Post author

    Yes. Yes, you may join the freak-town on that one.

    And only DVD’s and books? What about magazines, trading cards and action figures?!?

    Yes, I’m a geek through and through…and that red hair ain’t for nuthin’ 😉

  3. Debi

    “And only DVD’s and books? What about magazines, trading cards and action figures?!?”

    Hehe, I have all that stuff for Farscape and a few other shows.
    And there’s a Mulder action figure!? I think I hear ebay calling me.

  4. KJL Post author

    Oh yeah man! They came out when the first movie was in theaters. I have a Scully and a Mulder and they come with some other little goodies.

    Of course, they’re still in the packages. 😉 But I’ve only been ‘obsessed’ with the X-files. No other shows.

    OK…maybe Monty Python…and Lost…

  5. Debi

    (*Quickly hides her “Death with Big Pointy Teeth” stuffed animal*) You can’t have it!

    I got a question for your X-files fan-ness that’s been bugging me ever since a recent dvd watching marathon:
    Why don’t Mulder or Scully carry around a camera with b/w film that they can develop themselves? Think of all the evidence they’d have after their 8-9 years of seeing things!

  6. KJL Post author

    If you’re referring to the ‘killer rabbit’ from Holy Grail… I…. uh….have one.

    So true about that camera thing…lol! I guess that would’ve been the death of the show. “Look at all this proof!” “Oh…well thanks. Good work agents”….the end…roll credits.

    It always killed me that after a few heavy mythology episodes, they went back to normal so quickly in the stand-alones. Like nothing ever happened. Damn, Scully! You had a chip in your neck just last week!


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