Some Suggested Reading While I’m In Hell Week

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I wish I could be writing more than I am these days. But I’m chained to the desk right now getting through ‘hell week’.

Which for new readers, is the final week of a storyboard schedule where I put in the long hours. This is also how I’ll be spending my birthday on Wednesday (insert sympathetic “awwwwww” here). Fun times : ).

I am putting together the post on portfolio advice and it’s turning into a bit of a long one. I don’t want to rush it, so I won’t. You should see it next week though.

In the meantime here’s some good reading.

The first is an article I came across about working for free or ‘on spec’ and the kinds of people that will approach you for it. I’ll write about this kind of thing in the future but the author pretty much reflects my point of view on this subject. Check out:

Unfinanced Entrepreneurs

The next is about freelancing and that you don’t always have to be ‘amazing’ to be successful. That’s over at Freelance Switch entitled:

Why Being An ‘Average’ Freelancer Might Be Enough

The last ones relate to the portfolio post I’m working on for you guys. These ones focus on online portfolios, while I may be focusing more on the content of a storyboard portfolio right now. The articles may not be for storyboard artists specifically, but they are for artists/designers, so you’ll find some good tips:

Creating the Perfect Portfolio

Build A Killer Online Portfolio

Hope you enjoy those. I’ll be back on track next week after I survive this one!

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6 thoughts on “Some Suggested Reading While I’m In Hell Week

  1. Koni

    Happy Birthday Karen! Wishing you the best on your special day : ) May you have less…and less…………of storyboard frames to fill–and getting closer and closer to that elusive, conclusive frame (party time!)!
    Have a blast!!

  2. KJL

    Thanks Koni!
    Yes, that last frame is the best frame! It’s still a ways off right now, but the light is at the end of the tunnel.

    I’ll try to not get any cake crumbs all over my board today! 🙂


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