My First Tag: 7 Strange But True Facts

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Well, this is a first. I got ‘tagged’ by Heather over at Cottage Blogger. This is when bloggers write about the same topic and kind of ‘pass it on’ to other bloggers. It helps get your blog seen by some who might never look for it. Kinda cool.

The subject is ‘7 Strange But True Facts About Me’ . So if you’re interested, here we go:

  1. I’ve had a driver’s license for almost 22 years and have never owned a car. Frankly, I’ve barely driven. If you ever see me behind the wheel, you might want to steer clear.
  2. I used to train in kickboxing. It was a real martial arts gym (not ‘boxercise’) with real fighters. I never sparred though…too much of a wimp for that. I took my classes with all guys and went to see a bunch of amateur and professional fights. Damn I miss it.
  3. I used to play electric bass. I still have my beautiful Fender Precision Lite and will never get rid of it. I love that thing and keep saying I’ll pick it up again.
  4. I used to shave my head. OK, not totally. I was ‘blond’ in my twenties and used to cut the bottom half of the back of my head extremely short. So when I wore a pony tail, it would be blond with the brown part at the bottom. Thought it looked cool at the time. Yeah, yeah, the red is fake too.
  5. I’ve taken at least 5 major vacations by myself. And I’d recommend doing it to any other woman…or man.
  6. I’m a Monty Python nerd. Yes, I have memorized way too many skits I’d care to admit. Miss. Ann. Elk.
  7. I don’t love to draw. Shocking, huh? I don’t sketch, doodle or paint in my spare time (which is minimal these days). I feel drawing has been my ‘job’ since I was 12. It’s how I make my living and it’s better than doing a lot of other things. Now, I will tell you to practice and draw as much as you can to develop your skills. But I do it for the money, honey. : )

Hope I didn’t burst any bubbles on that last one. Just being honest. I love cartoons and telling stories visually. I just wish they’d invent the plug that goes into my head and all the drawings just happen. Until then, it’s back to my animation desk!

I’m going to pass this tag to:

Will at Calico Monkey

Daniel at Soaring Success

Christina the Shift-It Coach

Brad at his Animation Blog

Ben at

Stay tuned for my portfolio tips post. It’ll come soon…I hope.

So…busy…drawing… : )

9 thoughts on “My First Tag: 7 Strange But True Facts

  1. KJL

    Hey Dan,

    Thanks for stopping by. You have some nice sketches up on your blog. Keep it up!
    Hope you come back and join in…any suggestions are always appreciated too. : )

  2. KJL

    Thanks Benjamin (or is it T?). Now the question is…which of those quirks is weirder?

    I checked out your site too…just not enough time to give it a good read yet. Feel free to keep this tag going on your blog 🙂

    Thanks for stopping by!

  3. T. Benjamin Larsen

    Hello again Karen, it probably should be Mr. T then shouldn’t it. 😉 Nah, Ben is fine, it’s just that my grandparents didn’t think so when I was born(!)

    Not quite sure about the tag-thing though. How does it work excactly? (Sorry for hi-jacking your blog by the way).

  4. Christina Merkley

    Hi Karen. Hmmmm. Having a hard time getting this comment to post … what a metaphor.

    Cause … I was writing to say that i have had a hard time coming up with 7 strange but true facts about me for the post you tagged me on. No, i’m not ignoring it. But as a public blabber for a while now, i can’t think of 7 somewhat interesting things that i haven’t already let out of the bag. 🙂

    Love your blog.


    Christina Merkley
    Meeting Graphics 101 Mentor

    Law of Attraction Coaching for Visual Thinkers

  5. KJL Post author

    Hey Christina!
    Maybe because it’s held in moderation first? Or was it not showing up at all? I hope there’s not a problem I’m unaware of…
    My god, don’t worry about the tag thing. It was all in fun (someone did it to me) and it’s really not important. You’re a busy gal! I think only one of the people I tagged actually did it. 🙂
    I like your new tag line. I’ll be in touch soon and thanks for dropping by.

  6. Sarcastically I'm in charge

    Hi Karen,
    What an intriguing post. I thought it was funny that you don’t like to draw but draw for a living. It’s something about people and the work they do and not wanting to work on it when they are off work. I’ve met mechanics that kept my car working like a top but their car was a smoking, chugging heap of metal… and then I’ve met professionals in other fields like writers, computer repairman/woman, etc that, once they are off work, don’t touch the keyboard, computer, etc.

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