Know Your Medium!

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Here’s some differences between boards done for 2D animation, 3D animation and for live action film. This is why you should know the medium that you’re boarding for. I’ll break it down this way.

For Film, the board:

  • is a great way to organize your shooting before you shell out any money
  • is a flexible plan that can change on the spot, if needed
  • is more concerned with ‘getting the shot’ so you know how to set up the camera
  • isn’t as concerned with the dialogue or acting (that’s what the actors are for)
  • is limited by what is possible with the equipment you have (don’t go planning helicopter shots if you’re doing a no-budget student film, ya know?)

For 3D (computer) animation, the board:

  • is more of a blueprint for the production
  • has some flexibility to change the shot angle or camera movement during production (but the less, the better)
  • can help save money on set construction (why build a whole location if you only need half?)
  • does plan out the dialogue and acting of the characters (then the animators take it further)
  • has unlimited possibilities with shots and camera movement (with restraint…time is money!)

For 2D animation, the board:

  • is the bible for the whole production
  • cannot (or should not) change once it’s been approved and goes into production
  • must work as a finished, edited ‘film’ with no errors when complete
  • is more limited by what is possible for camera movement and action
  • does plan out all acting and dialogue of characters

And yes, I’ll explore many of these points in more detail in future posts. Don’t worry if you don’t understand what I mean yet. This is a place to learn, remember?

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