What’s All This Then?

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Hi and welcome to my very first blog. It’s a little intimidating but hey, I’m here.

I’ve been a professional storyboard artist for over ten years and want to give a little back. I’m creating a space where you can come and learn something about visual storytelling. I’ll be documenting my next boarding assignment online starting in December. Along the way I’ll be giving you some insights and feedback about the process.

I may get general. I may get specific. I may get sarcastic, but I’ll try to refrain. 🙂

As certain issues come up, I’ll give some tips about handling them. I’ll also write some educational posts about very basic boarding skills and things you should know. I’ll probably start with “So what IS a storyboard, anyway?” just to be on the safe side.

This blog will probably change and grow as I do (so be patient). I’m looking forward to the ride.

So thanks for dropping by and I hope you come back often!


4 thoughts on “What’s All This Then?

  1. Ivan

    I’m looking forward to be reading your blog. I’m inspired to be a storyboard artist, but it seems quite difficult to get there. In any rate, your blog will “hopefully” inspire, if not motivate me to do keep pursuing my dream.

    Looking forward to your blog!



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